Fabric Specialist

Refurbish Furniture that is not easy too but Replaceable due to the value your peace holds personally or by antiquity.

Patio  Designs

Let us help you Design a confutable Patio at a very affordable price.  You will be amazed at how we can transfer what looks like trash into incredible comfort and future Value. 

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Restaurant  Upholstery Design

We Re-Upholster and Focus on Color Decor image of your Restaurant. 

We customize/rebuild brand new Booths and reconstruct old Booths

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Newly constructed Restaurant  Booths

We offer and Build many different constructed  Booth Designs to pull your Restaurants  Unite Style

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Office Upholstery

You are upgrading your Office/corp. space. Like your clients to be comfortable and Imprest.

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  • Crypton
  • Vinyl
  • Leather
  • Velvet
  • Cotton
  • silk
  • And More
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Lifetime warranty Fabrics

We have a Variety of Fabric Companies to choose from at wholesale, not retail. There are stain resistant and offer a lifetime warranty.